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Producer, Director, Creator…Story-Driven Filmmaking.

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Humans connect emotionally before they connect with information--this is why people don’t connect with what you do, but rather they connect with "why" you do it and there is no better way for an audience to experience, engage and connect with your passion then through the use of story.


I believe that there should be purpose in everything that I do and filmmaking is my chance to tell those stories that have the power to touch people's lives regardless if the story is about a product, service, non-profit or a remarkable person.

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“Heart” is the instinctive desire to achieve, to give everything for the greater purpose and lay it all on the table. To go where one must go in order to accomplish the dig deeper even though it’s painful. The stories I tell all have heart because the characters are perfect reflections of that quality. Heart allows me to tell your story authentically! 


The accumulation of who I am as a filmmaker...the “why” behind every decision I make as a storyteller allows me to take the audience on a magical journey leading their hearts to do one thing...feel!

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Some of the great stories we have been blessed to tell…let us tell yours!

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I would love to hear about your story!