Matthew David Films



It is said, people don’t connect with what you do, but rather they connect with why you do it and there is no better way for a person to experience, engage and connect with that “why” then through the use of story.
We believe that there should be relevance in everything we do. To us, filmmaking goes beyond entertainment and is more than just pretty images. Rather, it is our goal to tell stories that have purpose, a deeper meaning and whether the story is about a product, service or an inspiration...our purpose is always centered around people.
“Heart” is the instinctive desire to achieve, to give everything for the greater good. To go where one must go in order to accomplish the task. To dig deeper even though it’s painful. Our stories all have heart, and our characters are perfect reflections of that quality!
The accumulation of who we are as filmmakers and the “why” behind everything we do takes our audience on a journey through our unique storytelling leading them to do one thing...feel!

I would love to hear about your story!